About The Small Dog Carrier Bag Collection

Here in front of you are these amazing small dog carrier bags that just by seeing it there is no question that you need one and more importantly want to own one. It is obvious from the Small Dog Bags custom design, structure and intended purpose a style solution is in sight.

Walking the Fashion Mile in Style

With our Small Dog Bag on your shoulder or chest you will not be disappointed heading out with your dog whether running errands, attending recreational events or just a stroll down the avenue. Your pet will enjoy the place he or she holds in your arms able to see what you see. Fabrication is one of the most important facets of quality and this carrier begins with quality like tweed reinforced with twill and mesh , providing a blending of definitive design purpose; the perfect blend. Tweed as a woolen material instills soft, open, woven texture the base of your dog’s comfort. While twill offers long lasting durability, and will not hold dirt easily, add mesh that has breath-ability and positioned in the proper placement for comfort and safety including a bonus precise opening for tail accommodation. Take your pick of wool, cotton, with a bit of polyester and the perfect fit and comfort is achieved seamlessly.

You Wear It Well

For the wearer this bag is comfortable allowing your hands to be free to move at will without any obstructions or worry your dog will fall out. Constructed by the best craftsmen and artisans in the fashion industry one can rest assured of a top of the line end product you can be proud to wear. After all this, small dog carrier bags have safety features in place from the smallest detail of fabrication, material, zippers and snaps. Each and every carrier is quality controlled and individual inspected from top to bottom. There is no detail left untested. So you can rest assured that the best craftsmanship has been applied in all facets of this bag. The knowledge that customers come in various shapes and sizes the adjust-ability is within the straps where simply adjusting the straps will fit any body type or preference. Whatever your mood from traditional purse adorning your side or held firmly on the chest the diversity of wear brings another facet to the fashion of dog lovers everywhere to show themselves and the dogs they adore off.

High End Quality

A person of distinction does not want to alter or give up that title when it comes to the love of their dog. After all, being a part of life every day means being in vogue coming and going, as well as when and how the pet is carried. It should be with ease, effortless, and yet effectively chic and these small dog carrier bags fit the bill. Your pet should also feel that same sense of style every time they are placed securely in its hold.